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An embedded computer is a compact, programmable platform designed to perform specific computing or processing tasks that do not require a full-fledged PC. Moxa offers a wide range of embedded computers for different industrial applications, with a selection of processors, operating systems, storage capacities, form factors, and device interfaces.

Rackmount Computers
DA-681 Series
Intel Celeron-powered rackmount computer with VGA, 6 LAN ports, optional wide temp and IEC 61850-3
Starting from $1,735.00
DA-682 Series
x86-based rackmount computers with VGA, 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 2 peripheral expansion slots, CompactFlash, USB
Starting from $1,900.00
DA-683 Series
x86-based Fanless PC with Intel Atom D510, DVI-I, 6 LANs, 2 serial ports, 4 DIs, 4 DOs, 4 USB 2.0 ports, CompactFlash, 2 peripheral expansion slots
Starting from $3,149.00
DA-685 Series
x86 rackmount embedded computer with VGA, 2 RS-232/422/485 and 6 RS-485 serial ports, 6 LANs, CompactFlash, USB
Starting from $2,939.00
DA-710 Series
x86-based computer with 2 serial ports, quad LANs, VGA, 4 DIs, 4 DOs, USB, and 4 peripheral expansion slots
Starting from $4,295.00
DA-682A Series
X86 2U 19 inch rackmount computer with Intel® i7 CPU, 6 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 2 PCI expansion slots, fanless design
Pricing available by request

Compact Wireless Client

AWK-1131A Series

Wireless Device Server

NPort W2000A Series