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Marine & Panel Computers
Moxa, a provider of complete marine solutions, has created a series of computing products specifically designed for marine applications. Moxa’s maritime products combine extreme performance with rock-solid reliability for exceptional performance in marine bridge systems. Moxa’s marine computers are compact and rugged to create a stable bridge system environment for maritime applications.
Marine Computers
The Master series features the greatest flexibility for system design thanks to its advanced modular design and support of Windows 7, XPE, and CE. Such features allow you to perfectly integrate the Master series with your choice of panel displays. The Master series not only features a compact form factor, but also a unique fanless and rugged design, making it the ideal computer for all bridge system applications.
Panel Computers
Our Panel Computers are specifically designed to be compatible with all of the different types of navigation applications, such as ECDIS. The Panel Computers combine a Moxa certified Marine Computer with Moxa Display Panel for a complete maritime computing solution.
Our Display Panels are specifically designed to provide the best display quality for any maritime application, but is especially suitable for navigation applications.

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