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With modular remote I/O servers, sensor data and simple analog or digital devices can be monitored or controlled over Ethernet or RS-232/485. The modular design allows the I/O server to accommodate almost any number and type of I/O device. Standard Modbus support allows the I/O server to be integrated into SCADA systems relying on software such as Intellution iFix, Wonderware, and Labview.

I/O Modules
M-1000 Series Digital Input Modules
8-channel or 16-channel 24 VDC digital input module, and 4-channel AC digital input modules.
Starting from $85.00
M-2000 Series Digital Output Modules
24 VDC digital output and 24 VDC/230 VAC relay output
Starting from $95.00
M-3000 Series Analog Input Modules
Analog input modules with 12-bit resolution
Starting from $379.00
M-4000 Series Analog Output Modules
2-channel or 4-channel analog output modules, 12-bit resolution
Starting from $375.00
M-6000 Series Temperature Input Modules
2-channel temperature input modules, RTD or thermocouple input
Starting from $335.00
M-7000 Series Power Modules
Starting from $35.00
RM I/O Modules for ioPAC 8020 Series
8-channel analog input, 10-channel digital input, 16-channel digital input, and 16-channel digital output modules
Pricing available by request
Modular I/O Accessories
Starting from $10.00
85M I/O Module Series
I/O Modules for ioPAC 8500 Series Modular RTU Controller
Starting from $389.00

Compact Wireless Client

AWK-1131A Series

Wireless Device Server

NPort W2000A Series