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RTU Controllers
Rugged modular RTU controllers are designed for front-end data acquisition and monitoring applications. The controllers are equipped with a powerful processor and a variety of interfaces. Line bus topology, non-stop daisy chain architecture, and built-in power redundancy are just some of the features you will find in Moxa's modular RTU controllers.
ioPAC 8500 Series
Modular RTU Controller
Starting from $1,889.00
ioPAC 5542 Series
Rugged, Compact RTU Controller
Starting from $2,930.00
ioLogik W5340-HSPA Series
HSPA Micro RTU Controller with 4 AIs, 8 DIOs, and 2 relay outputs
Starting from $1,679.00

Compact Wireless Client

AWK-1131A Series

Wireless Device Server

NPort W2000A Series