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USB & Serial Connectivity

Accessories for Moxa USB and serial products
ADP-SCm-STf-x Series
Starting from $55.00
CBL-RJ45xxx Series Connection Cables
8-pin RJ45 to DB9/DB25 Connection Cables
Starting from $15.00
CBL-xxx Series 2-port Connection Cables
2-port Connection Cables
Starting from $19.00
CBL-xxx Series 4-port Connection Cables
4-port Connection cables
Starting from $29.00
CBL-xxx Series 8-port Connection Cables
8-port RS-232 Connection Cables
Starting from $59.00
CN200xx Series Connection Cables
10-pin RJ45 to DB25/DB9 connection cable
Starting from $10.00
DK-35A Mounting Kit
DIN-rail Mounting Kit (35 mm)
Starting from $5.00
OPT8x Series 8-port Connection Boxes
8-port RS-232, RS-422, RS-422/485 Connection Boxes
Starting from $139.00
Power Supplies for NRack
Power supplies for NRack chassis (TRC-190 series)
Starting from $209.00
RJ45 to DB9 Adaptors
Starting from $9.00
TB-xx Series
Starting from $49.00
Wide Temperature Power Adaptor
Wide temperature power adaptor
Starting from $45.00
WK-51-01 Mounting Kit
Wall-mounting kit, 51mm wide
Starting from $20.00
Locking barrel plug to bare wires cable
Starting from $10.00

Compact Wireless Client

AWK-1131A Series

Wireless Device Server

NPort W2000A Series