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Serial Boards
With twenty-plus years of experience in serial board technology, Moxa is able to offer one of the most comprehensive selections of industrial-grade multiport serial cards in the world. Moxa serial boards are known for their thoughtful design, high reliability, and top performance, and are used to connect any number of serial devices directly to a PC. Boards for every major slot type are available, from ISA to PCI Express to PC/104.
PCI Express
Moxa offers industrial-grade serial communication solutions for PCI Express or PCIe slots. The advanced UART ensures high throughput for serial data, and advanced communication functions are available to provide a high degree of control.
Standard PCI remains the most widely used slot interface for PCs worldwide. Moxa offers a range of PCI boards that provide industrial-grade serial communication with high data throughput and advanced communication functions.
Serial boards that are designed for ISA slots provide an excellent and cost-effective solution when working with legacy devices and PCs. A large selection of ISA boards is available to handle serial communication applications that require reliable performance and industrial-grade features.
PC/104, PC/104+
The PC/104 standard is very popular for embedded applications, and Moxa offers a selection of PC/104 boards that provide industrial-grade connections to multiple serial devices. With these boards, PC/104-based systems can establish serial device connections with high data throughput over multiple serial interfaces.

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